8th Gold Nugget Junior

Stage Race

June 26-28, 2009 Mariposa County, CA

Held under USCF Racing Rules & Permit

Presented By: Velo Promo and Golden Chain

A true timed stage race for 6 categories of Juniors

Registration: 4-4:50 pm .. at the Stage One start location Friday 6/26.

Directions: To Stage One/Reg: Take Hwy 59 north from Merced (or Keyes Road east from Hwy 99 south of Modesto) to Snelling, and continue straight through Snelling onto J16 (Merced Falls Road) After 6 miles, turn right on Hornitos Road to Hornitos. In Hornitos, turn left into town and follow signs to parking around the park.

Stage One: Hornitos Hillclimb Friday June 26. Mass start hillclimb with riders in following order starting at 5:00 pm: Jr 17-18, Jr 15-16, Jr 15-18 Women, Jr 13-14, Jr 13-14 Girls, Jr 10-12. 9 miles; mostly rolling, with 3 mile climb at end. All on Bear Valley Road to northeast of town.

Stage Two: Greeley Hill Road Race Saturday June 27: First Flight (Jr 17-18, Jr 15-16, Jr 15-18 Women) off at 9 a.m., 2nd Flight (Jr 13-14, Jr 13-14Girls, Jr 10-12) off at approx 11 a.m.) 5 mile rolling loop at apprx 3,000’ elevation; narrow quiet roads mostly good pavement, one patched section. Roads: Holtzel, Dogtown, Ernst, Holtzel; finish on Ernst approaching Holtzel.

Stage Three Toll Road TT Saturday June 27. First rider (Jr 17-18) off at 3 pm, followed one every 60 seconds by individuals in following categories, Jr 15-16, Jr 15-18 Women, Jr 13-1`4, Jr 13-14 Girls, Jr 10-12. 3.8 mile point to point, starts off flat, has a 1.2 mile bumpy uphill, ends slightly rolling on better pavement. Tight parking (and driving restrictions – see race bible) at start; better to park above the finish. Course: Greeley Hill Road from Buck Meadows Road (Moore Creek) to Smith Station Road, east of Greeley Hill proper. This is the first road to Yosemite Park. Start is 5 miles from Stage One parking.

Stage Four: Bootjack Road Race Sunday June 28. Groups in same order as Stage Three, starting at 8 a.m. at Mt Buckingham School above Bootjack on the top of Darrah Road at Triangle Road. Loop is 12 miles, with a number of long climbs, totaling about 1300’ per lap; good pavement, some traffic. Loop: Darrah, Cole, Silva, Triangle, Darrah. . Less than 15 miles south of Mariposa off Hwy 49. Results and Awards will be done here.

Event/miles: I II III IV ttl miles fee places prizes limit
Jr 17-18         9     55     3.8     48     116     $53     10     $499     50
Jr 15-16         9     45     3.8     36     94        $53     10     $300     50
Jr Wm 15-18  9     30     3.8     36     78        $53     6       $200     50
Jr 13-14         9     25     3.8     24     62        $53     6       $200     50
Jr 13-14 Girls 9     20     3.8     24     57        $53     6       $200     50

Jr 10-12 B&G 9     10     3.8     12     35        $53     6       $200     50

How to Enter:

---via On-line at http://new.sportsbaseonline.com, from May 1, 2009 to June 21, 2009 for above fees plus on-line surcharge. From June 22-24 the fee on-line is $7 additional. No on-line entry after midnight PST Wednesday June 24. You’ll need to sign and date your entry form/release at race registration desk.

---By Mail: You may still enter by mail, but if a group is filling, go on-line. By mail, send standard USCF/USAC entry form/release along with fee above (if Postmarked by Friday June 19 to Velo Promo/Gold Ngt, 19780 Soulsbyville Road, Soulsbyville, CA 95372. For those postmarked after, add $7. Note: indicate what category you are entering on check or form. Entries for several races in one envelope ok, but be sure to list race names on the outside. Envelopes without names of races on the outside may go to the wrong race.

---At Race: You may enter at the race, provided your event is not filled, for the above listed fee plus $7.

2009 USCF license required (available at race). One day licenses are available only for Cat 5 or Women 4 . Entry fees include $1 NCNCA and $3 USCF insurance surcharges. Numbers will be provided.

Credits: Credit for another VP race will be given if VP is notified by 5 pm Wednesday 6/24 that you can't compete. No credit issued if you plan to enter another race instead; no cash refunds. No substitutions for cancellations. Send e-mail for credit to velopromo@sportsbaseonline.com

Champion Discounts: Champions pay normal fees up front; Current NorCal/Nevada District Road Race Champions and National Road Champions will get a refund at the reg desk of all but $3 per day if 1) their entry is received by the deadline above (otherwise they pay full fee, including late fee) and 2) they ride in the category they won the championship in (Master Champions may ride down in age, and ride for $3, and Juniors may ride up. District jersey is not required

Rules/Notes: Neutral support volunteers needed; riders should bring wheels. Neutral water will be available in feed zones

Lodging/Race Headquarters: (In Mariposa, yet to be determined, check website)

More Information: (209) 533-4996 velopro1@sonnet.com www.velopromo.com

Check website for possible updates for this race!



How to Contact us:   velopro1@sonnet.com )  (best)

                          19780 Soulsbyville Road, Soulsbyville, CA 95372

                          Phone  (209) 533-4996 and Fax: (209) 533-8234


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